- Anonymous:

Hey post the subsubs 4 chocojun here, is a hassle downloading hardsubs when i already dl a vid n I don't like the others. Stop being uptight bitches n make things easier 4 fandom,

Hi, I guess you mean softsubs with that, so I’ll reply accordingly.
No, we just share hardsubs, and just in the community. Why? Because we decided so and the decision is up to us.
To put it easy: if you have downloaded the raw, then I believe somebody is sharing softsubs of the drama already, so you can get those ones. If you don’t want to get those ones but still insist in downloading the raw, then enjoy it raw. Also, you can wait to download until somebody posts hardsubs and download that version directly.
Or well, as always there is another option: get the raw, open aegisub or any other subbing program, and sub the drama to suit your taste, and enjoy the process. 
No need to complicate things, nor call anybody “uptight bitch”. Just go with whatever option suits you better between those available. ^.^